9th April 2018, Johannesburg South Africa – The BUREN Classic Timepieces takes us back to a time when a sense of style, effortlessly complimented a gentleman’s classically impeccable taste.

The Launch of BUREN Classic Timepieces transcends practical functionality and reflects who The Global Classic Man is, what he stands for and how he views the world – a world which he has travelled with experience and mindful ease.

Bacher and Co. present their classic range composed of genuine leather wrist straps, timelessly styled fusion of vintage and modern metal casings and crisp minimalist numerals. Coupled with a heart that beats with advanced quartz technology backed by a 24 month guarantee from purchase.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Colin Biddle, Brand Manager Buren Watches – Bacher and Co. said “When we re- launched the Buren Range back in 1994, we identified a niche in the South African market that demanded a premium range of timepieces at a competitive price.

Classic design and premium materials needed to be of the highest quality and finish in order to transcend fickle fashion changes and bring about a feeling of longevity.”

Featured here is The Piccadilly Men’s Time Piece, Featuring a deep blue 38mm dial, silver look case, crown
and buttons, finished off with a genuine brown leather strap, three smaller date dials and stylish minimalist numerals. Making a statement without saying a word has never been this effortless.

Designed for the discerning male who combines contemporary design with sumptuous materials, the BUREN collection offers 5 different ranges with 13 models to choose from and is priced between R1 195 and R1 995. This collection is available at all Tread + Miller and Sterns retail outlets nationwide.

About BUREN Time Pieces:

  • Elegant modern designs combined with the finest materials
  • The most advanced quartz movement at an affordable price
  • Slim cases and polished leather
  • Quality timepieces with provenance and substance to add gravitas to any occasion.

About the history of BUREN Time Pieces:

  • The Buren Watch Company was created in 1898
  • This followed the acquisition of Fritz Suter & Cie, at the Swiss town Büren an der Aare, by the London company of H. Williamson Ltd, producing pocket watches and table clocks of all types. Due to the existing rail link H. Williamson Ltd. invested and expanded further in Büren and developed the site into an international branch. From 1916 Henry Williamson used the signature Büren Watch Co.
  • H. Williamson Ltd. closed due to a stock market crash. However, a group of Swiss and an Englishman provided the capital necessary to be able to continue the watch production under Swiss management and with the new name Uhrenfabrik Buren AG.
  • In 1966 the Buren Watch Company was sold to the Hamilton Watch Company. Buren quickly became the manufacturer of the majority of Hamilton watches, eliminating US production.
  • Buren continued working on new movements, notably Calibre 82, a high-beat movement.
  • Today the brand name is owned by the Schweizer Uhren Editionen (Swiss Watches Editions) in Hamburg, which again manufactures watches under this label. Partly with old movements, but to a large extent also with ETA movements
  • Bacher and Co. proudly markets and distributes the BUREN Range to our very own discerning South African market, alive with culture and taste!

Jacqui Ollis
Marketing Manager Watches and Jewellery

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