Ever been to an Italian family lunch on a balmy Milanese summer’s day?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that you’re experiencing a full blown argument.

As heated as an Italian summer in August.

Thankfully not. What you’re experiencing is merely the unrestrained expression of red blooded Italian emotion. The same emotion found in every seam of an Armani suit or a well-crafted pair of Ralph Lauren leather shoes.

From catwalk to street side café, Milan pulses with the same beat as its home grown thoroughbreds. Prancing horses, poised proudly on a perfectly polished bonnets. Casually parked next to a cobbled curb as passers-by nonchalantly go about their day. Yes we’ve all dreamed of one.

It’s in this spirit of design and style that we’ve created the BUREN Milan Collection of Time Pieces.

European style and ageless craftsmanship meet to create the BUREN Porta Romana Featuring a vintage styled 38mm black dial, rose gold look case and genuine black leather strap, your time piece will look equally at home matched to a tailored suit as it would rocking a pair of distressed denims and crisp white t-shirt as you casually stroll through the streets of this age old city.

Smokey cobble streets drenched in timeless history create the ambience of the BUREN Palazzo Time Piece. Featuring a vintage styled 38mm matte white dial, rose gold look case and navy suede strap, this time piece will look comfortable adorning an expertly tailored suit.

Mention Milan and images of Italian style, design and flair flood to mind. Fashion creations begin and end here and so does your journey with time

It’s time to wrap yourself in the world of Milan. In your time. BUREN Time.

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