So how does one distinguish between casual and business casual when it comes to men’s fashion? And does it really matter?

Well yes, especially when it comes to watches. You see, it’s very tempting, and often purely because of financial constraints or pure practicality, to be that guy who simply wears the same wearable-tech-slash-gps–hunk-a-plastic from beachfront to boardroom, boardroom to boulevard and boulevard to cross-fit basecamp.

But you’re not that guy right? Well at least not from now onwards. Because you’re a BUREN man and you understand the powerfully subtle nuances of style.

So let’s unpack.

Choosing a watch for business casual dress is an exciting space to play in as the lines tend to blur. You will in all probability wear lighter clothes, in both colour and weight. Analogue is definitely the way to go. Forget the digital stuff. Colour options are important for the watch face and can include white, black, brown, gold or navy blue. Determine which face works best based on the colour of your outfit. Wear a watch that has a brown or tan leather strap.

With casual dress on the other hand, you have a more relaxed approach to finding the right watch. You have the option to choose between an analogue or a digital watch. But let’s face it, analogue always look more suave. Any colour will do for the watch face as long as it matches the colour of your outfit. A woven metal strap goes well with jeans.

Whichever style you choose, the BUREN New York Collection consisting of The Soho, The Manhattan, The East Village and the Greenwhich featuring woven metal straps and exquisitely crafted metal cases will compliment any casual style whether you find yourself amongst colleagues or your favourite cohorts!

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